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Showcasing the IoT Networks Ecosystem

Use Cases, Cloud Platforms for IoT, Geolocation Applications

The Second Edition of the LPWAN Conference will stand in Paris from March 21st to March 23rd, 2017.

After a successful first edition the Conference will gather again the most renowned experts in the promising emerging LPWAN market.

They will provide technology comparisons between the different solutions and focus on business model aspects.

As was the case this year, the programme will include returns on experience from Service Providers and innovative startups.

The 2017 Agenda Main Sessions

Geolocation: technology issues, use cases

Is geolocation the end of GPS for connected objects? Experts will discuss how work GPS-free geolocation in theory. Gateways, architecture, geolocation solvers: all technical issues will be described.

The session will also propose SPs deployments experiences and specific use cases from innovative startups.

Cloud platforms for LPWANs: Solving the "Silos" approach

While there are already many M2M/IoT solutions in use across the market, these are often “silo” solutions, specific to a connectivity method, device type, vertical protocol, and business processes.
As a result, these silos become an inhibitor for growth, Participants of the « IoT Cloud Platform » session will explain how a common platform, connectivity agnostic, can solve the « silo » issue.

Security issues

There are still challenges ahead to deploy the digital security into the IoT applications, mainly due to the high fragmentation of the market. Learn how the digital security technologies can protect the connected devices, and how the industry can overcome the challenges due to market fragmentation.

Which role for the Internet

A large session is dedicated to current IETF initiatives around LPWANs. IETF representants will explain how they intend to provide a common convergence layer based on IPv6 and CoAP and the Internet suite of protocols in order to enable common identity, security and management models.

Showcasing the ecosystem

Smart water metering, smart city services, Industrial IoT applications, energy consumption in hospitalities, operators deployments : delegates will get a complete overview of the current LPWAN ecosystem.

The Scientific Committee

Regis Lauret

Cyrille Le Floch

Philippe Cola
Bouygues Telecom

William Webb
Weightless SIG

Jérôme de Murcia
Lora, Orange labs

Aapo Markkanen
Machina Research

Philippe Guillemette
Sierra Wireless

Nicolas Jordan

Teppo Hemiä

Johan Stokking
THE Things Network